Vin de France & Grape Varieties

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Vin de France

‘Vin de France’, an endorsement that is also a dual guarantee: the proof of know-how and high quality renowned worldwide and the origin of wines produced exclusively in France.

In France and a number of other countries, ‘Vin de France’ is your key to the pleasure of French wines. In the simplest of ways. This endorsement can be found on extremely fruity red wines, elegant whites and succulent rosés.

Producers of ‘Vin de France’ can also blend several varieties, grapes with unique flavors, such as Chardonnay or Syrah. Their complementarities allow them to make wines that are harmonious and enjoyable. For example, the power of Cabernet-Sauvignon can be combined with the velvety finesse of Merlot. The art of bringing these grape varieties together in harmony is called ‘blending’.

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