A year ago, ANIVIN DE FRANCE was touring America to introduce VIN DE FRANCE wines to the US trade. In New York and San Francisco, ANIVIN DE FRANCE President Bruno Kessler; Thierry Coste (Copa Cogeca, Cooperative Les Vignerons de Florensac); Laurent Delaunay (Badet Clément & Co.); Bertrand Girard (Val d’Orbieu) and I hosted a conference and tasting of VIN DE FRANCE wines for over a hundred on-and off-trade buyers and importers.

A year later, the interest in the category has grown, and we have actively continued raising VIN DE FRANCE wines profiles in the US market. We recently took part in a major trade show, set up one-to-one meetings with key buyers, and released features in two key trade publications: Tasting Panel and Beverage Media (part 1 and 2).


The VIN DE FRANCE brands at the Global Wine and Spirit Trade Show

First stop was the Global Wine and Spirit trade show, 25-28 August, in San Diego. Ten companies joined us under a VIN DE FRANCE generic umbrella to present their VIN DE FRANCE wines to around 70 buyers. The participating companies were Badet Clément & Co, Val d’Orbieu, Les Domaines Auriol, Sacha Lichine, Grandissime, La Compagnie Rhodhanienne, Lionel Osmin et Cie, Maison Tramier, Gabriel Meffre and Tri-Vin. Barton & Guestier, Les Grands Chais de France and LGI also took part to the show.

USA1In October, we organised a series of one-to-one meetings to inform and train buyers on the VIN DE FRANCE category, its assets and ambitions. In six days, Bertrand Praz (wine buyer at Grands Chais de France) and I travelled to Atlanta, Cleveland and Chicago and met with buyers from major retailers such as Whole Food Market (Atlanta), Giant Eagle (Cleveland), Walgreens (Chicago), Wirtz Beverage (Chicago) and Binny’s Beverage Depot (Chicago). We also paid a visit to flagship stores of the main retailers, to get a better insight into their wine offers and their merchandising strategies.

Finally, we partnered with Tasting Panel and Beverage Media, two key US trade publications to reach around 183,

000 contacts. Our two special features demonstrated how the VIN DE FRANCE offer can answer trade requirements and consumer expectations, and highlighted a wide range of VIN DE FRANCE wines currently available in the USA.

This tour gave us a greater understanding of the US market, which I’ll be delighted to share with those of you I meet in the coming months. As always, this blog is also a sharing space, so don’t hesitate to leave comments or questions below which I will be happy to answer. In the next blog post, I will be looking at 2015 and the annual Best Value VIN DE FRANCE International Tasting Selection, which will take place in Paris on Thursday 12 February and which will select the very best VIN DE FRANCE wines. The 2015 selected wines will then be showcased at Prowein and featured in a series of trade and consumer events around the world throughout 2015.

Meeting the trade at the Global Wine and Spirit Trade Show

Meeting the trade at the Global Wine and Spirit Trade Show

As usual, the Selection tasting will be free to enter and I look forward to you entering your 2014 vintage VIN DE FRANCE wines. Come back to the website in January to download the guide on how to enter the Selection tasting or directly register online.

Val Dorbieu

Val D’Orbieu

Tri Vin


Sacha Lichine

Sacha Lichine

Maison Tramier

Maison Tramier

Lionel Osmin

Lionel Osmin & Cie



Gabriel Meffre

Gabriel Meffre

Domaines Auriol

Les Domaines Auriol

Compagnie Rhodanienne

La Compagnie Rhodanienne

Badet Clement

Badet Clément

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