Mixing modernity and tradition is part of VIN DE FRANCE wines’ DNA.Happoen Garden 2

VIN DE FRANCE brands are increasingly earning international recognition for their ability to create modern wines, suited to today’s palates, using the best of French grape varieties, winemaking heritage and techniques. It’s with this in mind that ANIVIN DE FRANCE recently hosted a trade event in Japan, choosing a hundred year old traditional Japanese garden and hospitality centre to set the scene for introducing VIN DE FRANCE wines to over 300 key buyers, sommeliers and journalists.

Japan represented 3% of VIN DE FRANCE exports in 2013. The Japanese market, although still a new export market for the category, is growing fast. With 25% of VIN DE FRANCE wines sold in Japan mentioning the grape variety on the label in 2013 (+21% compared to 2012), it makes – along with China, as I recently reported – a very promising export market for us.

IMG_4183Building on the successful events held in the US, Canada and China earlier this year, Laurent Delaunay (CEO of Badet Clement & Co and president of ANIVIN DE FRANCE marketing commission) and I joined VIN DE FRANCE brands for a full day event, comprising a conference, tutored tasting seminar and a trade tasting.

Laurent Delaunay first hosted the conference and tutored tasting seminar of nine VIN DE FRANCE wines for an audience of around 150 buyers, journalists, importers and sommeliers.

We then moved onto the trade tasting, which introduced 47 VIN DE FRANCE wines grouped by grape varieties to the 270 professionals who IMG_4356attended. They not only tasted their way through the wines and grape varieties, but they were also able to chat with the representatives of the wines which were on display.

We were not only impressed by the large number of top professionals who had made it on the day (we had a full house for both parts of the event!), but also by their genuine interest in VIN DE FRANCE wines. They asked us many questions about VIN DE FRANCE’s positioning and prospects for the Japan market, and what VIN DE FRANCE can offer to trade and consumers.

Visitors were also very curious and enthusiastic about French grape varieties and how VIN DE FRANCE brands work with them to create quality wines at good value for money, thanks to the flexibility offered by the category.

IMG_4268Yasuki Gokijo, local sommelier, who was in charge of pouring the wines on the day said to me afterwards: “It is a rare and unique opportunity for Japanese professionals to taste VIN DE FRANCE wines, as there is no equivalent category in other wine producing countries. Moreover, ANIVIN DE FRANCE is the only trade body organising a tasting of varietal wines like this one”.

Before saying our farewell to Japan, we gave an interview to Mr Oda, journalist from Wine What and local French wines lover, who really appreciated the revolution that is the new VIN DE FRANCE offer.

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