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In 2013, VIN DE FRANCE represented 18% of still French wine exports to China, making China the third export market for VIN DE FRANCE wines. Here at ANIVIN DE FRANCE, we’re convinced that the VIN DE FRANCE offer has great potential on the Chinese market, because the wines have exactly what it takes to meet Chinese trade and consumer expectations: consistency of quality, many innovative brands that embody the modern French art de vivre, and an offer that is easy to understand, be it at entry, medium or premium level.

ANIVIN DE FRANCE recently joined forces with 55 Chinese importers to showcase VIN DE FRANCE wines available in China to around 500 Chinese wholesalers and retailers. Our trade tour included the cities of Qingdao, Chongqing and Wuhan, and multiplied the opportunities for the trade to discover and discuss the assets of VIN DE FRANCE wines.

Chine9The Chinese tour included three main highlights in each city: a trade tasting, a training seminar and a press dinner.

In each city, we hosted trade tastings where around 20 importers showcased their VIN DE FRANCE wines to an audience of on and off trade buyers, journalists and stakeholders. Each importer hosted his own table, and visitors went from table to table, tasting the wines and chatting with their local representatives. I made the most of these tastings to gather feedback on VIN DE FRANCE wines from both exhibitors and visitors. I got asked many questions about the VIN DE FRANCE’s positioning on the Chinese market, its assets and its ability to fit into Chinese consumption trends.


Our VIN DE FRANCE branding

As always, it was great to witness first-hand the strong interest in the category and chat with local key players. Over the three events, we met 494 professionals, including representatives from China Tobacco Imp and Exp. Co.; COFCO and Dongzhou & Wine Cellar.

As well as a traditional wine tasting, we organised training seminars to give participants in-depth information about VIN DE FRANCE’s DNA, origins and ambitions for China.


With Xu Wei, hosting the seminar

I joined our local host Xu Wei, a highly respected Chinese wine expert, and together we introduced the audience to the most popular grape varieties used in the production of VIN DE FRANCE wines through an interactive game and a blind tasting. The 330 professionals who took part enjoyed learning about VIN DE FRANCE wines grape varieties and French grape varieties in such a fun way.

Our visit to China also gave us the opportunity to introduce VIN DE FRANCE wines to the local press. In the three cities, we organised VIP press dinners for top journalists from both trade and consumer press. Each dinner included around six wines paired with Chinese food. Xu commented on the pairings, showing how French grape varieties works with different food. The three dinners proved a great success and over 30 journalists took part.

Our Chinese tour was intense, but if the feedback we got from all the key professionals we met is anything to go by, it was definitely worth it!

Stay tuned! Next, I’ll be reporting on our our recent tour of Japan, which took us to Tokyo.


Press dinners


Press dinner: food and grape varieties pairings


Meeting the Trade in Chonqing

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