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ANIVIN DE FRANCE : The French trade organisation for Vin de France.

Within the context of the reform of the wine market in Europe (CMO1), and the launch of a new wine category VIN DE FRANCE, (with or without indication of grape variety and vintage), ANIVIT has becomed ANIVIN DE FRANCE, the French trade organisation for Vin de France.

The three national wine unions: UMVIN, VIF and CCVF, have tasked ANIVIN DE FRANCE to govern this new wine category.

The role of the organisation will focus entirely on developing the category VIN DE FRANCE in accordance with the objectives set by the current CMO for wine, including:

- Developing domestic and international markets for Vin de France wines, focusing in particular on PR activities, trade exhibitions, competitions, advertising and promotions.

- Establishing an on-going dialogue with the different industry organisations representing both producers and companies.

- Improving awareness and organisation of the wine market.

- Promoting moderate and responsible wine drinking, working in particular with “Vin et Société”, set up to affiliate the entire French wine industry and to promote safe marketing and consumption of alcohol in France.

- Participating in research and development strategy, in addition to carrying out national and/or international research and development programmes.



President : Serge Tintané
Director : Valérie Pajotin

53 rue La Fayette
F-75009 Paris
Tel.: +33(0)1 47 03 45 44
Fax : +33(0)1 47 03 97 99 
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Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health
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Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health