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Brise de France
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Brise de France takes its name from the winds that sweep our country and is a reminder of the close relationship between vines and winds - winds that govern the rhythm of life in our vineyards and give the grapes their typicity.
But Brise de France is first and foremost a complete range of varietal wines that can be enjoyed on any occasion at any time of the year.
Brise de France Cabernet Sauvignon

Eye: attractive deep garnet colour.
Nose: intense and fruity with blackcurrant aromas.
Palate: rich velvety aromas of blackberries and excellent structure.
Serve at 16° to 18° C and enjoy with cassoulet, venison, red meats and cheese.
Brise de France Chardonnay

Eye: bright golden colour.
Nose: elegant and aromatic with notes of citrus and dry fruits.
Palate: rich and full with a fruity attack leading to a round, velvety finish.
Serve at 9° to 10°C with chicken, grilled fish, soft cheese or as an aperitif.
Brise de France Cinsault Rosé

Eye: limpid attractive rosé
Nose: elegant and aromatic with notes of red berries.
Palate: fresh and round with upfront fruit flavours.
Drink it at 10° to 12°C with salads, tapas, asian food, fish, fruit salad or as an aperitif.
Brise de France Merlot

Eye: deep purply red
Nose: powerful, jammy aromas of red fruit with hints of spices.
Palate: soft and round with a rich aromatic blend of spicy fruit flavours and silky smooth tannins.
Serve at 16° to 18°C with roast lamb, grilled meats or sauce dishes, duck and goat cheese.
Brise de France Muscat

Eye: pale yellow with golden tints.
Nose: elegant with notes of roses and apricots.
Palate: round and aromatic with floral notes and excellent balance.
Drink as an aperitif or with fruit or chocolate dessert.
Serving temperature : 12° to 14°C
Brise de France Sauvignon Blanc

Eye: pale yellow with greeny gold tints.
Nose: intensely aromatic with notes of box, citrus fruit and whites flowers.
Palate: crisp and fresh with notes of exotic fruit and a long, elegant finish.
Drink with shellfish, lobster, fish or as an aperitif.
Serve at 9°to 10°C.
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