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The Montgravet range has been thoroughly crafted by our winemaker team in order to give you the best of the grape varietals in each wine. It is also the result of the use of French old know-how and modern winemaking techniques. The range offers concentrated and well balanced wines, easy to drink on any occasion.
Montgravet Cabernet Merlot

Montgravet Cabernet Merlot is a cuvee produced in France. This cuvee has been crafted to offer the best of the French historic know-how and modern winemaking techniques. Our winemaker team has thoroughly selected the grapes before harvest to ensure the aromas quality as well as the concentration of the wine.
The resulting cuvée is fruity, displaying red berries aromas, while a silky feel in the mouth will drift you away.
Montgravet Chardonnay

Montgravet Chardonnay has been crafted in France, where our winemaker team has selected the best Chardonnay grapes, to craft a crisp and refreshing white wine. The resulting wine is well balanced, it will grant your nose with subtle grapefruit aromas. In the mouth it will be rich and smooth.
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