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The secret of our success is really no mystery. The most important thing by far, is what goes into the bottle! Our winemakers strive to create a range of Vin de France varietal wines in a fruity and silky style, for enjoyable and relaxed drinking. They are especially good when enjoyed with food, as with all great French wines. La Châsse is a benchmark for value and consistent quality.

Our La Châsse name is rooted deep in local history. During the 14th Century (1309 to 1378 to be precise) a succession of seven Pontifs resided in Avignon, close to the beautiful village of Gigondas, home to Maison Gabriel Meffre – makers of La Châsse. It was a time of conflict and discord when the French Kings had considerable influence over the Papacy, something that was resented by other rulers across Europe. Treasures of the Avignon Pontifs were stored in a reliquary. This historic chest is referred to in French as a “Châsse”, hence the name La Châsse was chosen by Rhône Valley producer Gabriel Meffre, as a tribute to the rich and unique history of the region.

Maison Gabriel Meffre launched La Châsse in the early 1990s. At that stage, the wines were AOC Côtes du Rhône with the flagship “Réserve” soon becoming a leading French wine brand in international markets, such as the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. In 2004, a range of popular varietal Vin de Pays d’Oc wines were launched and since then the La Châsse family has grown to include premium Rhône whites and reds as well as an elegant and delicious sparkling wine.

La Châsse is instantly recognisable thanks to its unique bottle which proudly displays the moulded crest bearing the Latin words “Solis Terraeque Vinum Fructus”, meaning literally “the sun, the earth, the wine, the fruit”.

Our home in the picturesque Rhône Valley is precious and we do everything possible to care for the environment. We constantly strive to improve our efficiency and limit our carbon footprint. As part of this effort, we have moved to use lightweight glass bottles for many wines to help reduce waste.

We are tremendously proud of our history and our wines, awarded many times in competitions and, best of all, enjoyed and treasured by wine drinkers throughout the world.La Châsse is a quintessentially French wine. It represents all that is good about the land with the most illustrious tradition of fine winemaking. What has made La Châsse a firm favourite with wine drinkers around the world is its consistently delicious, fruity and elegant style - a modern wine with classic values.
LA CHÂSSE Merlot red

La Chasse Merlot is a great example of modern winemaking with technology and know-how combined to create a deliciously drinkable wine. It is a fine choice to accompany roast and grilled meats and can be enjoyed with mellow cheeses. The nose is redolent of plums and other stone fruits and the palate is fleshy and with a long, persistent finish.

Available at Asda in 75cl and 18.75cl
LA CHÂSSE Sauvignon-Grenache white


This Sauvignon-Grenache white La Châsse is a pleasurable and convivial wine, easy drinking and refreshing, adapted to today's consumer taste. With a consistent and dependable quality, the La Châsse Vin de France wines offer a very good value for money.

Our winemakers carefully select the most noble grapes to create this elegant blend of Sauvignon and Grenache.

The result is a pale yellow wine with green hints. The Sauvignon brings grapefruit and white flowers notes on the nose as well as a fresh and lively finish. The Grenache offers roundness and a lot of harmony with nice structure. A very well-balanced wine.

Available at Asda in 75cl and 18.75cl
LA CHÂSSE Shiraz red


This La Châsse Shiraz Vin de France is a vibrant and full-flavoured wine in a fruity and spicy style, adapted to today's consumer taste.

Part of the harvest is done in over-maturity toflesh out the richness and roundness of the grapes. 15% of the blend is aged in oak barrels for 6 months before blending and bottling.

The wine has a brilliant red robe with purple hints. Delicious black fruit, violet, red berries and pepper on the nose. The mouth is rounded and well structured with juicy aromas.
LA CHÂSSE Syrah Rosé

Rosé from the Syrah grape is an aromatic, lively and refreshing wine for year round pleasure, but it really comes into its own during the long days of summer. Ideal with salads or a BBQ and surprisingly good with spicy foods. This is a pale pink dry wine that has bright, appealing aromas of strawberry and grenadine. In the mouth it is lively and refreshing with notes of red berries and mixed spices. The finish is long, well-rounded and perfectly poised between fruit and acid. Grapes are harvested at their optimum maturity, usually at the end of the summer. The vines are mature, aged between 25-35 years and flourish on clay and limestone soils between Montpellier and Narbonne. After gentle crushing, the juice is left on the grape skins for 10-12 hours in order to extract delicate colours and maximise aromas and flavours.

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