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Ashgrove Special Reserve Malbec is produced exclusively for Morrisons Supermarkets by Les Domaines Auriol, a family company created by Claude Vialade, winemaker and authentic Woman of Wine.
Claude Vialade was previously Export manager of the first group of wine producers in France , Val d’Orbieu , and then after head of the promotion Board of the AOC Corbières in South of France before founding Les Domaines Auriol in 1995 In the same time she achieved the consolidation of her family Domaine Montmija ( 3rd generation in Bio) with the famous Château Saint-Auriol and the Château Ciceron , unifying 90 hectares .

Les Domaines Auriol are proud of their Occitan culture, a genuine Mediterranean art of living based on the Wine Culture - a source of pleasure, the wine is also the cornerstone of their economy.
ASHGROVE Special Reserve Malbec

The grapes are entirely destalked before fermentation. The fermentation is carried out in stainless steel vats, with special care given to temperature control and to pump-overs, to ensure delicate tannins and good fruit.
This wine is almost as black as coal, this is devilishly rich and packed with flavours of currants, chocolate and plums. French Malbec is usually mixed with other grapes to produce a softer wine. In fact, the most famous Bordeaux wines contain some Malbec. On its own, however, it's a beast in a bottle, and nothing like Argentine Malbec. Try it with some rare red meat to allow the fullest flavours to come flooding through. Serve between 16 & 18°C
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