Vin de France & Grape Varieties


Map of grape varieties in France

The different types of grapes are called Varieties. There are several hundred varieties, but the most popular and most sought-after by wine lovers come from France. Here, they have thrived in the climates and soils best suited to the production of top-quality wines. The quality and reputation of Varietal Wines of France also come from two millenniums of know-how.


This variety of northern origin is mainly grown in the continental areas of central-eastern and eastern France. Further to the south, it fares better in cooler areas or those of medium altitude.
French map of Pinot Noir


This outstanding grape variety, mainly produced in France, grows best to the north of Lyon and on the banks of the Loire.
French map of Gamay


This world-renowned grape variety originally comes from western France, as does Cabernet-Sauvignon, which it is often blended with.
French map of Merlot


This excellent rich, fruity grape variety is loved for its plum and red fruit aromas. It is mainly grown in the limestone soils of southwestern France, where the climate lends its a lovely freshness on the palate.
French map of Malbec


Originally from the area just to the south of Lyon, this grape variety requires temperate conditions and adapts easily. It has conquered the entire world, starting from France. Syrah is also used to make rosé wines.
French map of Syrah


Originally from western France, this grape variety results from crossbreeding Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc. It produces its best results in temperate areas.
French map of Cabernet-Sauvignon
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