Vin de France & Grape Varieties


Map of grape varieties in France

The different types of grapes are called Varieties. There are several hundred varieties, but the most popular and most sought-after by wine lovers come from France. Here, they have thrived in the climates and soils best suited to the production of top-quality wines. The quality and reputation of Varietal Wines of France also come from two millenniums of know-how.


Know for its freshness and bold fruitiness, this grape variety fares best in temperate areas with well-watered soils.
French map of Sauvignon (blanc)


This grape variety readily adapts to a wide variety of soils and climates, though it does fare best in northern areas. Its characteristics vary based on the soil it is grown in.
French map of Chardonnay


This prestigious variety hails from the banks of the Loire, a cooler region with just the right conditions for slow ripening of the grapes.
French map of Chenin


Originally found along the banks if the Rhône River, just south of Lyon, Viognier is a fussy grape variety that is difficult to grow. It fares best in granite soils.
French map of Viognier
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