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Aperitif ideas for French varietal wines

Recipe ideas based on Varietal Wines of France to make your aperitifs a success

Aperitif Syrah of France

An exotic atmosphere that breaks all the rules.
Spicy, meaty and aromatic, a great red wine full of sensations. Syrah, originally from the Dauphiné region, brings together all of the qualities we look for today in a great red wine; a beautiful, dense, sparkling color; fine, silky tannins; and full body and powerful aromas with a long finish. Flawless with spicy pork dishes. Syrah loves pork, as they both combine a meaty texture and mellow, powerful aroma on the palate. Pork Spring Rolls with Green Lentils, with fresh coriander, is a perfectly balanced match. Get creative with Creole Black Pudding. This specialty from the French West Indies needs a powerful, spicy wine with long-lasting flavor. Syrah’s opulence tempers the flame of this delicacy, drawing upon the mango’s sweet, sugary note to pull off this tricky feat. A true delight.

Aromas : >black pepper, violet, white lily, blackcurrant, blackberry, blueberry and smoke.
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