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Aperitif ideas for French varietal wines

Recipe ideas based on Varietal Wines of France to make your aperitifs a success

Aperitif Pinot Noir of France

For an alluring, refined table with excellent French taste. Seductive by design.
Velvety suppleness and fruity elegance: a great classic. Pinot Noir stands out through its great classic elegance, thanks to its subtle, light tannins. Its natural liveliness lends it a pleasant freshness on the palate. A Pot-Au-Feu cooked with love. This perfect, classic pairing is based foremost on the finesse of Pinot Noir’s tannins, which smoothen out the fibrous, yet melt-in-your-mouth texture of the beef. The refined cherry and red fruit aromas pair brilliantly with the vegetal notes of the pot-au-feu. An ideal match. Finally, a wine worthy of Scrambled Eggs with Truffles. Omelets or scrambled eggs don’t fare well with red wines that are too sturdy or hearty. Pinot Noir - thanks its subtle, light structure - is proof that red wine and eggs can go together. Its notes of undergrowth, mushroom and sometimes even truffle make it an excellent partner for this simple yet ultra chic dish.

Aromas : >sour cherry, strawberry, game, mushroom, violet, truffle and incense.
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