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Aperitif ideas for French varietal wines

Recipe ideas based on Varietal Wines of France to make your aperitifs a success

Aperitif Grenache (Noir) of France

Finally, you can have class, enthusiasm and exuberance at the same time
• Opulent aroma to play off of flavorful dishes

Grenache rosé stands out from other rosés thanks to its intense aromas. With its exuberance and peppery notes, it goes wonderfully with complex flavors. Its enjoyable roundness mellows out the subtle spiciness, enabling previously unimagined pairings.

• What creativity! A bite of foie gras on Speculoos

The round, smooth character of the Grenache rosé grape variety is a fine complement to the soft texture of the foie gras, whereas its spicy aromas will mingle pleasantly with the cinnamon of the Speculoos. Here, the varietal aroma of fig creates a subtle yet clear link between the dish and the wine.

• Astonishing matches, for example with the Cod and Chorizo Bites

Grenache rosé, a Mediterranean wine par excellence, has a rich, extremely flavorful character. Its aroma is bold enough to stand up to the strong flavors of the cod and chorizo; it tempers them thanks to its spiciness and, above all, its generous roundness on the palate.

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