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Aperitif ideas for French varietal wines

Recipe ideas based on Varietal Wines of France to make your aperitifs a success

Aperitif Cabernet-Sauvignon of France

A classy plancha for meat-loving wine enthusiasts.
Dense, colorful, sturdy wines. Cabernet-Sauvignon embodies the classic French spirit; it makes strong, hearty wines oozing with body. More tannic than other varieties, this masculine grape demands dishes with strong flavors and meaty textures. Lamb is its ideal partner. Thin lamb strips or duck breast – like any meat that must be chewed intently to experience its full flavor - go well with Cabernet-Sauvignon. Its structure and wild blackcurrant aroma echo the musky flavor of grilled meats. An adventure in taste: the sweet-savory delight of Prunes Wrapped in Bacon. Astonishingly, Cabernet-Sauvignon easily lends itself to this unexpected harmony. It is based on the smoky notes shared by the lard and the wine, and on the sweetness of the prunes, which plays off Cabernet-Sauvignon’s tannins delightfully.

Aromas : >blackcurrant, black cherry, green pepper, smoke, licorice, mocha, cedar and spices
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