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Viognier de France is a rare white grape variety. Its atypical personality - at once round, fruity and floral - wins over men and women seeking new adventures in taste

Its main flavors Viognier of France
violet, white peach and apricot

What to drink it with
Viognier is a precious grape variety full of contradictions: at once subtle and powerful, it can be paired in ways that other grape varieties cannot, for example with grilled green asparagus with Parmesan. Its combination of liveliness and body goes very nicely with sushi and sashimi. Viognier is an excellent choice with all exotic and refined cuisines. For more classic matches, it is stunning with sweetbreads cooked with morels as well as crawfish au gratin

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The wines it makes
Critics love Viognier de France because it makes very powerful wines of excellent quality. These are warm wines with a capacity to combine acidity and body, with an exceptional wealth of flavors. This variety is difficult to grow, however. Like Maria Callas, Viognier is a star that can be difficult to deal with at times

For what occasions
Viognier de France is a wine that knows no rules and is absolutely free. It is just perfect when enjoyed in the most offbeat situations, such as coming home late from the opera or on a sailboat at sunset. Viognier is second to none for hip, creative dinner aperitifs. Finally, it can also be enjoyed at more conventional occasions, such as a family meal with foie gras

Where it is grown
Viognier originally comes from the area around Vienne, just south of Lyon. It is also grown in Ardèche and the southwestern Mediterranean between Nimes and Narbonne. France is by far the world’s main producer of Viognier

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