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Syrah de France is the powerful, spicy grape variety par excellence. It is a perfect match for sensual, captivating men and women

Its main flavors Syrah of France
blackberry, pepper and violet

What to drink it with
Syrah de France makes fabulous wines. Everybody loves them thanks to their ideal profile; these red wines are sensual, spicy and fleshy. They marry fabulously with aromatic meats cooked up in the latest fusion styles. Spicy-hot pork curry from the Caribbean and Chinese spring rolls both call for a Syrah. Wildfowl is an ideal pairing, as is a lovely oven-roasted leg of lamb

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The wines it makes
Syrah de France stands apart from the others through its lighter, less massive personality. It generally makes wines with intense, dense, dark colors with bluish highlights. They are distinctive in their aromatic complexity and in the finesse of their tannins, which are powerful yet silky. These wines are sensual and magnetic, like the people who drink them

For what occasions
Syrah de France is a fine choice for all stylish atmospheres and occasions. For instance, and aperitif in an exotic decor. Yet Syrah wines are also delightful during spicy, sophisticated dinners for two with your significant other. These eclectic wines are also sensational with the meals that we love preparing for our friends or family, such as those served at festive holidays like Christmas and New Years

Where it is grown
Syrah originally comes from the large river valley between Lyon and Avignon. It is also grown in the southwestern Mediterranean region and the area between Avignon, Aix and Marseille, however. France is the world’s foremost producer of Syrah

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