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Sauvignon Blanc de France is the grape variety for those who love life. Its lively fruitiness embodies dynamism, humor and energy.

Its main flavors Sauvignon (blanc) of France
grapefruit, passion fruit and boxwood

What to drink it with
Sauvignon de France is an explosion of flavors, and needs no bubbles to show off its sparkling, snappy personality. It is a must with raw seafood, enhancing and illuminating its natural flavors. It is also an excellent choice for aromatic fish recipes and all types of modern, inventive cuisine. A perfect match for tangy ingredients, it works wonders with tomatoes, fresh coriander, lemongrass and basil. Sauvignon de France is a grape variety that stands out with ‘fusion’ cuisine

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The wines it makes
Sauvignon makes lively, dry white wines that are bursting with flavor, freshness and elegance, and are best enjoyed young. They are characterized by a lovely balance between briskness and aromatic power

For what occasions
Sauvignon de France is a big hit because it is a highly seductive globetrotter. It is the king of aperitif wines, as its sunny, energizing personality is perfect for tickling the taste buds. Its powerful aroma also makes it fit right in with the electrifying atmospheres and soundscapes of late-night parties. All year long, it releases the energy and joy of the summertime, during aperitifs and impromptu dinners with friends

Where it is grown
Sauvignon originally comes from southwestern France, and more specifically the Aquitaine area. It is also grown on the banks of the Loire and in the region stretching from Nimes to the Pyrenees in the southwest. France is the world’s leading producer of Sauvignon

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