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Pinot Noir de France is a subtle, ruby-hued grape variety. With its light, fruity personality, it captivates distinguished people

Its main flavors Pinot Noir of France
sour cherry, undergrowth and wild game

What to drink it with
With its light, bright color, Pinot Noir de France is a delicate, gentle charmer with subtle aromas. Its refined liveliness makes it an excellent match for fine foods. It delights those who prefer drinking a red wine with fish. It is an ideal partner for pot-au-feu and the jazzed-up scrambled eggs served at Sunday brunch. More generally, Pinot Noir is wonderful with white meats such as veal

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The wines it makes
What wine drinkers love in Pinot Noir de France is its perfect balance: it is extremely lively, with delicate aromas. Its tannins are soft and discreet, never overwhelming the palate. The magic of Pinot Noir de France lies in its harmonious blend of power and finesse. Pinot Noir de France is a highly distinctive, subtle variety, the Mozart of wine grapes

For what occasions
Pinot Noir de France is not really the wine of choice for noisy occasions; it is much more at home during small gatherings of friends and dinner parties where the conversation revolves around cinema or literature, amidst scrumptious, beautifully presented dishes. It is the perfect red wine for summertime meals, as it can be enjoyed chilled. It also has a simple, natural facet, and is a great choice for picnics with friends, in the quiet wilderness. Of course, its subtlety also makes it a wonderful aperitif sipper for those with a penchant for red wines

Where it is grown
Pinot Noir originally comes from the area around Dijon, where it is mainly grown. It is also grown in near the Vosges Mountains in the northeast close to the German border. France is by far the world’s premier producer of Pinot Noir

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