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Merlot de France is a grape variety for those who prefer round, fruity wines. These are modern wines for people with good taste and etiquette

Its main flavors Merlot of France
strawberry, raspberry and prune

What to drink it with
Merlot de France makes wines with an impressive balance. Rich and always elegant, these wines are ideal partners for grilled red meats. Merlots are perfect with a rib steak, but also go very nicely with a juicy hamburger. Roasted poultry and grilled vegetables are other perfect matches

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The wines it makes
The success of Merlot de France comes from its fleshy, sensual side, and Marilyn Monroe must certainly have enjoyed this wine. It has a round, full bodied personality and beautiful deep purple color. With its soft, silky tannins, it can be enjoyed young, as it has a smooth, velvety texture

For what occasions
Merlot de France is a luscious wine full of class and charm. It is the favorite wine of seductive women who know what they want; those who live city life to the fullest and know how to host their friends, whether it be for an impromptu, laid-back get-together or a trendy aperitif

Where it is grown
Merlot is originally from southwestern France, in the Aquitaine region. France is the world’s leading producer of Merlot

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