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Malbec de France is a powerful, fruity grape variety. Fiery and full of character, it is a masculine wine with a Latin personality

Its main flavors Malbec of France
plum, tobacco and licorice

What to drink it with
Quite similar in style to Cabernet-Sauvignon, Malbec de France is also younger and more passionate. Like its elder brother, it pairs wonderfully with roasted and grilled meats, and is an even better sipper to accompany spicy foods and Tex-Mex or Middle Eastern cuisine. This is the wine of choice for tapas made with meats or spicy deli meats

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The wines it makes
Malbec produces rich, powerful, full-flavored wines. Malbec wines from France – unlike those made in other countries – are quite fresh on the palate, making them very fruity and giving them a smooth, silky texture. These extremely colorful wines nonetheless have a clearly masculine character

For what occasions
The red wines made with Malbec de France are brimming with pizzazz. They are perfect for young gourmets who love enjoying ethnic cuisine. Yet, far beyond this, they have an inborn talent for all festive occasions infused with a hint of Latin flavor, from the music to the fork

Where it is grown
Malbec originally comes from south west of France. It is still grown there on a large scale. France is world’s number two producer of Malbec, after Argentina, where it was introduced in the middle of the 19th century

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