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Grenache de France is the sunny, optimistic red grape variety. Sensual and jovial, it has a seductive, friendly, round, spicy character

Its main flavors Grenache (Noir) of France
black cherry, tobacco and black olive

What to drink it with
Grenache de France is an extremely full-bodied Mediterranean wine, full of sunlight. It goes flawlessly with pork – which is itself smooth and aromatic – as well as grilled or roasted lamb, and poultry in sauce. It is best served with soft-textured meats rather than those that are more fibrous

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The wines it makes
The reputation of Grenache de France comes from its smooth, round, full-bodied personality. It is used to make light-colored, very fruity rosés, often called vins gris (literally ‘gray wines’); it is also blended with other varieties to produce spicy reds with soft tannins that are very pleasant to drink. Full of sunlight, these wines are a beautiful, concentrated purple color with ruby highlights

For what occasions
Grenache is the grape variety for people who love life and happily share their good mood with those around them. It is the typical wine for family meals during vacation, as well as for all city-dwelling food lovers. Grenache is perfect for dinners with friends when joy and warmth are de rigueur, especially when the sun is just starting to come out

Where it is grown
Grenache originally comes from Spain, but France is, by far, the world’s leading producer of this Mediterranean grape variety. Grenache de France lends wines great freshness, giving them depth and accentuating their fruitiness

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