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Gamay de France is the light, fruity grape variety for talkative people. Its mischievous, sweet personality makes it the red wine for French-style joie de vivre

Its main flavors Gamay of France
wild strawberry, peony and gooseberry

What to drink it with
Gamay de France’s reputation comes from its very strong flavor of pure fruit. It is perfect for sipping with deli meats, as well as meat pies and chicken nuggets. It is wonderful with all types of tender, richly flavored meats. Thanks to its extremely delicate tannins, it is also one of the few red grape varieties that go well with fish and even oysters

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The wines it makes
Gamay wines are quite lively for reds, making them refreshing, tangy and often very crisp. These wines are very dense carmine color with ruby highlights. Most often, they should be enjoyed young, and can be served chilled, making them very popular summertime reds. These are mischievous wines that symbolize good moods and joy

For what occasions
Gamay de France is a wonderful choice for simple, authentic occasions. It is best enjoyed with friends who pop in for an unexpected visit. Fruity and smooth on the palate – even when chilled – it is perfect for such spontaneous moments, as there is always a bottle of Gamay to be shared when the discussion is deep and the words are flowing. At restaurants, Gamay is the classic Bistrot-style wine

Where it is grown
Gamay comes from the Lyon area in central eastern France. It is also grown along the banks of the Loire and in Ardèche. France is the world’s premier producer of Gamay

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