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Cinsault de France is the essence of light, fruity Mediterranean rosés. Of these wines' carefree spirit, which characterizes joyful, free people

Its main flavors Cinsault of France
pomegranate, gooseberry and peach.

What to drink it with
Cinsault de France is an impressively versatile wine. It is the best friend of all Mediterranean cuisine. From ratatouille pizza frutti di mare, it also pairs harmoniously with lamb cooked in rosemary, marinated vegetables and grilled fish. Virtually inseparable from olive oil, Cinsault de France is the very epitome of a delicate, fruity rosé

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The wines it makes
Cinsault de France owes its success to its delicate, fruity personality, with its notes of pomegranate, and especially its lovely balance between liveliness and body. Its hue ranges from rose petal to salmon, coral and bright red. Grace Kelly, who embodied glamor on the French Riviera probably enjoyed it simply for the feeling of freedom its gives you at sunset. Today, up-and-coming stars are crazy about it as well

For what occasions
The Cinsault de France grape variety produces magical rosés that are fruity, delicate, luscious and precious. These enlightened, free-spirited wines that are neither white nor red can be enjoyed whenever you fee like it. On a café terrace, poolside, between two shopping sessions... as well as at the lunch or dinner table, for an aperitif, as an evening sipper or at the nightclub

Where it is grown
Cinsault originally comes from southeastern France between Avignon, Aix and Marseille, is grown along the entire Mediterranean coast, from Perpignan to Nice. France is the world’s foremost producer of Cinsault

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