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Chenin de France is a powerful, fruity grape variety. Its long-finishing aroma and liveliness make it a sophisticated wine for independent thinkers

Its main flavors Chenin of France
quince, acacia flower and lemon

What to drink it with
Chenin de France is astonishingly powerful. Its liveliness, fruity crispiness and long finish give it a unique, rich style that wine enthusiasts just love. Its strength enables it to stand up to and enhance spicy foods, namely Thai and Indian cuisine. Strongly flavored fish and seafood such as prawns and goatfish adore being served with Chenin

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The wines it makes
Chenin de France stands out through its natural elegance. Unlike other wines, it is always lively on the palate, which makes it thirst quenching, joyful, very dry and full of pizazz. This is truly a grape variety that deserves to be discovered

For what occasions
Chenin de France is the wine for stylish, non-conformist atmospheres. In the same way it accompanies ‘trendy’ cuisine that is at once chic and sophisticated, Chenin is the wine of intertwined cultures, fusion cuisine and multicultural meals. It is right at home at both the bar in the modern art museum and at a good sushi restaurant. It is the wine for people who are open to the world

Where it is grown
Chenin originally comes from the region between Nantes and Orléans. France is the world’s second largest producer of Chenin, after South Africa

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