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Chardonnay is a grand white French grape variety. It is the chic jewel of women who know how to live life to the fullest, thanks to its elegant, round, floral style

Its main flavors Chardonnay of France
pear, almond and lime blossom

What to drink it with
Chardonnay de France has a knack for going well with a wide variety of different foods. First of all, its natural elegance makes it a great choice for an aperitif. It also goes nicely with all fish and seafood meals, whether in sauce or simply grilled. Its delicate floral aromas and sensual fruity notes also pair wonderfully with Asian cuisine

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The wines it makes
Chardonnay is used to make dry white wines as well as sparkling wines. Their balance comes from their liveliness and body. These wines have depth, personality, sensuality and opulence. They are at once full-bodied, crisp and extremely pure. They symbolize an ultra-feminine, elegant woman with chic charm

For what occasions
Chardonnay de France wines embody good taste for every occasion. They are wonderful aperitif wines, and stand out from the crowd. They are also great for sipping on café terraces when you have lots of hot news to share with your friends. Their delicate golden hue makes them a must on the chicest of tables, and not only for special occasions

Where it is grown
Chardonnay originally comes from the area around Dijon. It is also planted along the banks of the Loire and along the southwestern Mediterranean coast, however. France is the world’s leading producer of Chardonnay

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