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Cabernet-Sauvignon is an icon amongst French grape varieties. Lovers of strong, fruity red wines adore it for its straightforward, masculine personality.

Its main flavors Cabernet-Sauvignon of France
blackcurrant, green pepper and cedar

What to drink it with
Cabernet-Sauvignon de France is a seducer. Its dense, dark color rounds out its robust, full-bodied structure. This is a long-finishing wine that goes perfectly with flavorful grilled red meats. It is the perfect sipper to accompany a tasty barbecue or piece of beef slowly cooked in sauce

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The wines it makes
Cabernet-Sauvignon is a French grape variety that has successfully been exported. This is because it produces finely crafted wines that are pleasing to even the most demanding of palates. For example, to athletic men who like powerful flavors. Lovers of American football and rugby players of all types drink these wines with fervor. Ageing these wines in oak barrels softens them up, making the wines of even higher quality

For what occasions
The ultimate occasion for sipping Cabernet Sauvignon de France is the traditional Sunday barbecue during spring and summertime. This is an genuine, intense grape variety that is full of flavor, synonymous with sharing. With Cabernet Sauvignon, wintertime meals with friends, stewed meats on the table, take on a new, authentic dimension

Where it is grown
Cabernet-Sauvignon is originally from southwestern France, and is primarily grown there. France is the world’s leading producer of Cabernet Sauvignon.

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