Pairing for delicious moments


Pairing dishes with Vin De France wines

Discover pairings between the most popular types of dishes and Vin de France wines

Raw cured ham and deli meats
Grilled, roasted or braised pork, Wild game
Grilled or roasted beef
Braised, grilled or roasted lamb
Roasted poultry and veal
Pasta and Rice with meat or poultry
Couscous and Middle Eastern Cuisine
Blue cheese
Vegetable salads, Ratatouille and Antipasti
Veal and Poultry in cream sauce
Raw or grilled Fish and Seafood
Fish and Seafood in Cream Sauce
Pasta and Rice in cream sauce
Fish Pasta and Risotto
Goat's Cheeses
Soft cheese or cooked cheese
Pizza and Tex Mex
Paella and Tapas
Thai and Chinese Cuisine
Curry and Tandoori Cuisine

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